Qualitrol - мониторинг по условным критериям

Знаете ли вы состояние своих активов? Ознакомьтесь с нашим бесплатным руководством по CBM ниже.

Condition Based Monitoring (CBM) within a Substation or Power Plant environment is defined as the process of using either on-line or offline tools to capture one or several parameters on an asset and use data analytics to diagnose and trend its health condition over time to predict imminent failure.

At Qualitrol, we provide a robust array of condition based monitoring equipment so you always stay plugged in to the essential details. Our products afford a full-picture view of the condition of your station, give you a clear idea of the equipment’s status, and help identify potential problems so you can implement solutions and continue to operate at full capacity.

Our solutions include expert services, and extensive knowledge of the installation and commissioning process. Qualitrol is the only vendor to offer an entire solution (basic sensors to data analytics), while being manufacturer agnostic.

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